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Syrian vice president admits neither side can win Syrian regime bombs Palestinian camp  ( and a bakery full of starving people ) The Syrian regime has been buying a huge amount of weapons Brahimi went to Syria and urged change The man in charge of stopping defections... defects Preventing the use of chemical weapons in Syria UN denounces violation of children´s rights in Syria The struggle of Aleppo´s inhabitants Netanyahu met Jordanian King (again) for talks on Syria Al Ahram's special on the Referendum What happened to Ramses? More on the difficult links between Morsi and the Army Morsi´s first address to the nation after the approval of the Constitution  ( where he admits making mistakes! ) We have to read all types of opinions, even if we don't agree at all with them... On the "real Sabbahi" Germany called for suspension of aid directed to Egypt RIP Samer Soliman El-Erian appointed chairman of super powerful Shura Council Irani Government fir

My humble reflections on the Egyptian situation

If you really want to learn on this issue, read these texts and not mine: Ricard's Maria's Notes 1 and 2 Francesca's Ismael's The 22 November controversial Decree was a Presidential Decree and not a Constitutional Declaration, for there's neither a real Egyptian constituency, nor a real Constitution in effect The text was aimed at bypassing the Judiciary (only existing balance), in particular a Constitutional Court ruling due on 2 December that, according to many (and in view of the MB fears) would have nullified the Constituent Assembly and would have dissolved the Shura Council (the MB- dominated "advisory board", only elected body (well, the participation rate was approx 7%) that remains after the same court dissolved the Parliament in June). Is this the right way to sideline the judiciary until it is swept from what they call "remnants of the old guard"? The President granted himself sweeping powers, and his decisions


Friedman on Egypt Albert Saber will be jailed FT Baradei's article (also on FT, Morsi´s betrayal ) Dismantling the MB revolutionary image (must read) Egypt's future will surely shape the Arab world  (I could not agree more) A concise analysis for amateurs on what is happening in Egypt  ( another one in Spanish ) Outrageous testimonies about MB's violence outside the Palace Spain does not want to extradite Mubarak's friend Do the poor in Cairo care about politics? A choice between two tyrannies Controversial stipulations of the draft constitution Who's the real threat to democracy? Useful comparison of both constitutions Reading Egypt's Constitution Resignation of presidential aides  (wonder why...) Egypt makes its case in DC Morsi's akward tax U-turn (are you admitting something's not going right, Mr President? Cause the IMF is to decide on its badly needed loan next week) US recognizes Syrian opposition as legitimate representatives

Morocco's "third way": model or mockery?

This week, a new Friends of Syria meeting is scheduled to take place in Morocco, a country that has been hailed as a model for other Arab countries. Is that assessment correct?

Happy birthday, Hamas??

Last week, particularly on Saturday 8 December (a few days in advance, though , to make the day coincide with the day the first Palestinian Intifada broke out in 1987 in the Gaza Strip itself), the Gaza Strip witnessed several scenes of rapture, as thousands of people rallied in Gaza to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the funding the controversial organization Hamas (branded a terrorist group by various states, as well as by the EU). The celebrations ( which had as a centerpiece a giant model of the missile fired at Tel Aviv during the recent conflict with the inscriptions "Made in Gaza" and "Palestine" ) and the joy surrounding them added to the happiness and tranquility brought by the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel brokered by neighboring Egypt a fortnight ago. The crowd hailed above all an special guest: the religious movement's leader since 1996, Khaled Meshal, who (after a long journey crossing the contentious border with Egypt,  having been previ

Watch out, Egypt's harassers!! My girls are watching...

It is beyond doubt that sexual harassment stands as one of Egypt's most serious problems. Well-known 2008 figures published by the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights talk by themselves: sexual harassment has been experienced by 98% of foreign women visitors and 83% of Egyptian women. Moreover, 62% of Egyptian men admitted harassing women and 53% of Egyptian men blame women for "bringing it on" (worst of all, some men in the study said they harassed a woman simply because they were bored; one who abused a woman wearing the niqab said she must be beautiful, or hiding something). Not surprisingly, even veiled women who have been victims of harassment blame themselves. Even though it was considered as one of the "priorities" of the former and very effective MB-dominated Parliament, no new law clearly defining sexual harassment as a crime, and thus making it easier for women to report it has been yet passed. The issue has been a blatant taboo within the Egyp


A change of tide? Israel's ambassadors summoned after announcement of settlements' building How the "war in Gaza" was also fought in the net Magnificent speech by Turkish Foreign Minister on Palestine before the UN General Assembly  (no Arab country dared saying anything, though) Abbas: "You are stronger than the occupation" (in French) Israel is actually comfortable enough with the current situation Jordan's king to visit Gaza (trying to appease your own population, Your Majesty?) Words of support are not enough: Gaza needs money to start rebuilding Merkel and Netanyahu "agree on their disagreement" (big up!) One of the best articles I've read so far on Egypt's situation (thanks, Matteo!) Ahhh! Egypt's conspiracy theories! Baradei, Moussa and Sabahi are spies now Bloodshed around the Presidential Palace  (heroes like him died there) What about the protests outside Cairo? Media on strike in Egypt Great headline: M

Don't forget Syria!

Death toll approaching 40,000 (plus those wounded, arrested, psychologically injured... and approximately 2.5 million refugees (both internally and abroad)!)... Struggle approaching its 20th month... Winter approaching in destroyed towns and refugee camps throughout the region... Update on the new opposition here   The situation thus remains extremely dire and worrying from all points of view. Heavy fighting continues and shows no sign of abating. Neither side seems capable of putting an end to the conflict. And civilians are the ones who mainly bear the brunt: the civil war is resulting in a notable disintegration of a Syrian society which was once hailed as a model for the rest of Arab countries, principally characterized by its inclusiveness and an exemplary secular core. Citing an alarming deterioration of the security situation on the ground (though I find it hard to believe things can get even worse), the UN OCHA has announced the withdrawal of all its remaining non-essential st


Video of UN vote on Palestine A good editorial on this issue (in French) On how Israel is losing international support Israel is already retaliating First claim Palestine could issue before the ICC  (remember Arafat's body was exhumed this week) Egypt's Constitutional Referendum to be held on 15 December Pro-Islamists demonstrate too Nervana Mahmoud on Morsi's power grab Al Aswany's take Egypt's artists have a say, too What has Abul-Fotouh been doing? Morsi's four-page interview  ( do you think he is the "man of the year"? ) Anonymous has something to say to Egypt Talks on the ceasefire kick off in Cairo Ignoring the ceasefire could be "sinful" , beware! On a strange letter to South Africa about the conflict in Gaza Elections were held yesterday in Kuwait (background here ) The Syrian regime is using cluster bombs targeting children Death hasn't stopped in Lebanon (the spillover continues) Breathtaking article o