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What happened to the heroes of the Arab Spring?

Great compilation by Le Monde.

To protest or not to protest. That is the question.

TIME Magazine proclaimed the "indignado" (the protester) as the person of the year back in 2011 . This was a gesture of recognition of the tremendous impact rebellious/revolutionary movements have had all over the planet: from Madrid to Wall Street, from Chile to China and, above all, in the Arab World, where scores of outraged youths took to the streets chanting their demands. They managed both to overthrow tyrants and to fascinate and inspire many amongst us. However, it seems that protesting, voicing people’s demands or disapproval of existing policies, has turned in several countries into an extreme sport as of lately. Two examples have notably caught our attention, two cases nearly nobody could instantaneously draw parallels about: Spain and Egypt. Two countries where two deeply controversial (anti) protests laws have been adopted during the last months. The "public safety" legislation (Ley de Seguridad Ciudadana) put through in Spain last November has al