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Key events in 2013

Egypt: a second revolution, a coup and back to square -1 2013 has been a seriously rocky year for Egyptians. Massive protests against then President Morsi inaugurated the year, and the growing hatred was channelled through what has proved to be an incredibly useful vehicle across the region: the Tamarrud ("Rebel yourself") movement . A turning point was reached on 30 June , and the Army felt legitimised by the millions of people who had taken to the streets to oust the President and take the reins of a renewed transition to democracy. The Army, spearheaded by new superhero Colonel Sisi, also felt somewhat legitimised to break in the huge Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins of Rabaa Al-Adawiya, leaving behind hundreds of dead and a deeply polarised country, where stability is little by little imposed again, thanks to an iron fist that has had no qualms in arresting, torturing, repressing... All for the sake of Egypt's recovering its honour and economic well-being, that is. Th

Hezbollah under strain

Talking about politics in Lebanon is always tantamount to wondering about the status of Hezbollah (meaning "Party of God"). Hezbollah is, at the same time, as The Economist likes to call it, a party-cum-militia, created within the Shia community and funded by Iran during the country's civil war - in 1982 - with the main aim of offer resistance (muqawama) to the state's self declared biggest enemy that had just (taking advantage of the ongoing chaos) invaded the country: Israel. Its paramilitary wing is still regarded as a resistance movement throughout much of the Arab and Muslim worlds. Several countries and organizations in the West and elsewhere (U.S., Netherlands, France, Gulf Cooperation Council, U.K., Australia, Canada, the European Union ) classify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, be it in whole or in part.

Aleppo yesterday. No words, just tears

From Beirut to the moon?

Do you remember being a child and being told stories about the "space race"? Didn't you imagine handsome brave American and Russian astronauts in over-the-rainbow modern space shuttles that would take them to the moon, or even somewhere else? Didn't our parents dream of Sputnik, Laika, Armstrong and the likes? Well, it seemed the Soviet Union and the United States were not the only ones fantasising about flying to the moon. A group of Lebanese youths once shared this dream and saw themselves conquering the space.